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Professional Littleborough Honey Bee Nest Removal

Don't Be Fooled By Their Reputation!

Honey bee on pink flowerHoney bee control is a complicated subject; on the one hand, they are docile creatures and spend most of their time creating a honey with little human interaction. However, they do carry risks when they create a nest, so very often, Littleborough honey bee nest removal is an unfortunate but very necessary course of action.

What Are The Main Characteristics of Honey Bees?

If you see a honey bee, you will notice that they are visually different from bumblebees. They around 3/4 of an inch long, with a reddish-brown color, and yellow and orange rings on their abdomen. Their head and legs are black, with thick hair on the middle part of their body, known as the thorax.

Workers and drones are often seen out together, and a nest can contain up to 80,000 bees.

Nests are generally built inside hollow trees but have also been found in attics, wall voids and under floorboards, meaning Littleborough honey bee nest removal can be necessary to prevent the house becoming unsafe due to the threat of stings, or from structural damage.

Can Honey Bees Sting?

There is a big misconception that honey bees will not sting. Whilst it is true that they prefer to mind their own business, they will become defensive if needed. This generally occurs when they feel that the hive or their honeycomb is under threat. If this happens, it is likely there are going to be several bees all becoming defensive.

What Can I Do?

Honey Bee HiveDIY attempts at Littleborough honey bee nest removal can be dangerous. In most cases, it is not going to end well. The same can be said for honey bee swarm removal; if a small number of bees are swarming around a tree, looking for a potential new nest, the best course of action is to leave them, rather than risk angering them.

Young's Pest Control is skilled in all areas of honey bee control; we can carry out a small scale honey bee swarm removal, or a full Littleborough honey bee hive removal, depending on the nature of the infestation. Our expert staff will be able to assess the problem and provide a safe, effective removal service, meaning no more unsafe climbs up ladders, no risk of disturbing the nest yourself, and peace of mind knowing that the problem is being dealt with by professionals.