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Professional Manchester Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey Bee HiveThe honey bee is just one of the many species of bee found in the UK. Everyone has encountered this insect buzzing around gardens in search of flowers to pollinate, but what happens when they start to become a nuisance?

Most people brush this insect away and get on with their day, but, if this insect nests in a property, it can be hard to ignore an entire hive. When this happens, people call on the honey bee control services of Young’s Pest Control for honey bee swarm removal and Manchester honey bee nest removal.

Honey bees are active all year

Despite being most active in warm weather, the honey bee, unlike the bumblebee, is present throughout the year. When it gets really cold, the queen survives by surrounding itself with worker bees that keep it warm.

This survival of both the queen and worker bees through the winter months goes some way to explaining why honey bee hives can contain as many as 50,000 bees. Rather than starting from scratch, the queen retains some workers.


Honey Bee swarm in treeAnother reason hives contain such high numbers of bees is because of “swarming,” which is when a number of honey bees break-off from a hive in search of a new nest. A newly established colony will retain some workers and, therefore, have a head-start over other species of bee. If you see a swarm, call Young's Pest Control before it colonizes in an unwanted place.

Dangers of Honey bee hive removal

A swarm is not usually aggressive as they don’t have a nest to defend, but an established colony is quite the opposite. Honey bees are one of the most aggressive species when it comes to protecting a nest. If you are unlucky enough to stumble upon one, you may be stung multiple times.

The pain from these stings can cause a heart attack, and in people with allergies, one sting is enough to warrant a trip to the hospital. For these reasons, our professionals take the necessary precautions with protective clothing and specialist equipment during honey bee swarm removal and Manchester honey bee nest removal.

If you are experiencing a honey bee control problem, Young’s Pest Control is just a phone call away. Our experts will come round and assess the situation before planning out a safe and effective Manchester honey bee nest removal.