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Ince in Makerfield Flea Treatment Services and Advice

Fleas are notorious bloodsucking critters that can infest our pets and then into our homes. If you have pets such as cats or dogs, there is obviously more chance for fleas to infest your home, but even without any pets, fleas can still invade and turn your personal space into a parasitic paradise.  Treating the infestation is a must, but don't be fooled with shelved products as they a total waste of effort. Only treatment from a professional can solve this problem.

Little Terrors

Don't let their size fool you. They are extremely annoying pests that have to be removed. There are various types of fleas common to the United Kingdom, but all feed on the blood of animals and humans alike. The several common flea types are listed below.Cat and dog fleas

  • Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides canis)
  • Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis)
  • Human Flea (Pulex irritans)
  • Bird Flea (Ceratophyllus gallinae)

A major problem is that fleas are harbourers of various parasites and diseases, and these can be easily transmitted from host to host. Flea bites are also extremely itchy and the instant reaction is to scratch the affected site, but this is something that should never be done. The reason why is because excessively scratching a bite can potentially lead it to become infected. With so many problems from just a single wingless parasite, it makes perfect sense to call on the professionals to deal with this tiny foe immediately.

Evidence of an Infestation

Sometimes it's very difficult to deduce whether your home is under attack from an infestation or not. It's at times like these when looking for any evidence of fleas within your home can help. Some indications could be seeing the tiny fleas jumping, or even see your pet scratching itself excessively. While, the clearest sign will be some very itchy bites either on yourself or your pets, or fleas actually on your cat or dog.

Bites are commonly located around the feet and legs due to the pest having a tendency to reside within carpets and floorboards, although it has to be remembered that bites aren't limited to just those areas as fleas strike where ever they have the opportunity to.

Tackling the Source of the Problem

FleaIt may feel like you're in the midst of a losing battle between fleas because no matter what, the pest still remains in your home. Obviously, due to their size, it can be extremely difficult to eradicate all these parasites within your home effectively by yourself. Also, a flea infestation that goes unchecked for a long time can and will turn into an infestation nightmare.

They can also be uncomfortable and irritating to you, your pets, and any guests that come to visit your home. Try not to despair though as help can be found from Young's Pest Control where professional Ince in Makerfield flea treatment services is guaranteed.

As soon as a flea infestation has been discovered, your whole home and pets will need to be properly treated by trained Ince in Makerfield flea treatment experts to ensure the source of the problem has been thoroughly eradicated, otherwise, the problem will definitely come back after a short while. Our experts will effectively deal with the pest and ensure that your home is free from fleas.