Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal 

Pests are a menace and their infestation on your property, whether it is a business or Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal your home is a nightmare. Our company specializes in a wide variety of pest removal, including hornet and wasp control. At Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal, we understand the need to engage highly trained professionals, if you happen to spot a wasp nest on your property. It is extremely important that you neither attempt to inspect nor get rid of a wasp nest yourself. This is because wasps and hornets tend to attack when they feel threatened. They also release pheromones if they detect a threat to their nest. This will result in the swarm attacking leading to multiple stings which are painful. However, this could be fatal to someone who is allergic to stings. The venom from the wasps causes them to suffer an anaphylactic shock. 

 Our services at Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal are reliable because we use highly trained and experienced staff. We have over twenty years’ experience in pest control and our services are available on demand. We are discreet and our wasp exterminators use unmarked vans. If you are not sure about what pest you are dealing with, here a few attributes to identify wasps and hornets.

 Key attributes of Wasps.

 They are about a quarter-inch to an inch long depending on age and species. Wasps Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal are 2 winged insects and they have antennae. Their bodies resemble an hourglass because their abdomen and thorax are separated by a thin petiole hence a cinched waist. They also have smooth abdomens. Female wasps have stingers. Most species of wasps found in the UK are generally yellow with black rings.

 Key attributes of Hornets

 The greatest distinction between wasps and hornets is in size and colour. Some hornet species can grow to 2.2 inches long. While wasps tend to be yellow with black markings, hornets are black with white stripes. However, some hornets resemble particular species of wasps, with the only distinction being size.

 Types of Pest Wasps and hornets found in the UK

 Common Wasps and German wasps are the most common in the UK. They are very similar in appearance however, you can tell them apart by observing their facial and Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal thorax markings. Other species found in the UK are red wasps also known as the red paper wasps, Norwegian wasps, Saxon wasps, median wasps, and tree wasps. Asian hornets are the most prevalent types of hornets in the UK. They are said to have entered Britain in 2016. European hornets are also found in the UK, but they are not widespread.

 Hornet and Wasp Control

 Hornets and wasps are potentially dangerous especially if they feel threatened. If you suspect there is a wasp nest in your property, get in touch with a professional pest control service, for your safety and the safety of others within the premises. Do not inspect or try to get rid of wasp nests yourself. Wasps’ and hornets’ stingers are designed to strike their target multiple times releasing venom to their victims. They can also release pheromones when they suspect a threat to their nests causing them to swarm and attack armies. If the victim is allergic to stings, the results could be fatal if not treated on time.

 Wasp nest removal cost

 Our wasp nest removal cost is a fair fixed price, exclusive of VAT. In the event of an unsuccessful wasp nest removal on the first treatment, the customer gets a free second treatment.

 Getting rid of a wasp nest

 For successful wasp nest removal, engage a professional service. Do not attempt to get rid of a wasp nest by yourself. It is dangerous. Our company not only gets rid of wasp nests but also offers treatment to prevent further infestation. Our wasp exterminators are highly skilled technicians Holcombe Wasp Nest Removal who can determine the best treatment methods by using the right insecticides depending on the location of the wasp nest. Wasp exterminators also ensure the safety of everyone within or around the property, including pets