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Get Rid of Rats Completely with Professional Hale Rat Control

Brown RatYou may have never seen rats in your house, but that doesn't mean they are not there. Rats are very secretive and your home can be their home for quite a long time without you ever knowing. If they are really not there, then soon they may be. Rats need an only ¼ inch of an opening to get into a home. In case they get their way in, they can reproduce quickly and in no time you will be having a full-blown Hale rat infestation. If this has happened already, then the best thing is to call experts in pest control treatment to assess the situation and remove the rats. If you do not get rid of rats, their colonies can foul and destroy your furnishings and building.

The brown or Norwegian rats are the most common in the UK. The wild ones have brown fur and in some cases grey or black. If you spot a rat that is colored in an unusual way, most likely it is someone’s pet, and thus you need to call rat rescue or a vet. Wild rats are about 25 centimeters long, only the body. While males are large and weighing 550 grams, their female counterparts are smaller with only 335 grams.

How to locate the rat's nest

During autumn and winter, rats move into nearby buildings in search of warmth and food. They are fond of farms, warehouses, and spaces found between the roofs of buildings. When summer approaches, they go back to the open fields for the growing vegetation. They also build their nests around areas where there’s likely to be little, or no, disturbance such as tyre heaps, gaps under buildings, inside ceilings, in counters, cupboards, bathtubs, close to the boiler, attics, and basements. It may prove difficult to get rid of rats from some of these places unless it’s a professional carrying out the Hale rat control process.

ratHow to know if you have a rat infestation
Infestation can be detected by the sight or sound of:
• Droppings measuring close to 12 millimeters
• Gnawing signs
• Scratching and movement noises
• Nests or burrows

Once you have a confirmed rat infestation, call our Hale rat control experts to exterminate them. By doing so, you will have avoided problems associated with rats such as serious diseases, destruction of structures and materials. If you call Young’s pest control experts, you are set to benefit from their 24 hours quick response service, affordable charges, and an effective pest control treatment.