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Professional Golborne Flea Treatment

We have all been to places where we have had flea bites- the small bite, surrounded by irritated red skin that can itch for days. If it is happening regularly in your own home, it is especially worrying. Whilst the initial bite can be small, it can also begin to decrease your resistance and subsequent bites can be larger and more irritating. A simple store-bought Flea pesticide is not effective enough to removal your flea problem. To be safe and clear of this recurring problem, you need a Golborne flea treatment from Young’s Pest Control as soon as possible. Call us on 0161 776 9832 or 0784 581 5261 as soon as you can.

FleaHow do I know if my house has a flea infestation?
Most houses with cats and/ or dogs stand the chance of getting fleas. They can easily bring them in from other animals. If you are constantly getting lots of bites, you probably have an infestation. Sometimes, if you are quick enough, you can see them on your skin, or on your furnishings. They are usually dark red or brown but can be grey in colour, and, due to large back legs, can quickly jump enormous distances for their size. The easiest way to know if there is a flea control problem, however, is if you, your family members or guests are being regularly bitten. You will also see your pets scratching an unusual amount.

Why can’t I deal with it myself?
Most pesticides on sale in DIY department stores are simply not strong enough to be effective Golborne flea treatment and are therefore a waste of money. Professionals like us at Young’s Pest Control know how to judge exactly the right dosage for the level of infestation AND the size of your home. We will also be able to judge the right amount of flea fumigation to ensure that the flea’s lifecycle of 7 days is covered in full.   That is the only way to make sure that you have effective Golborne flea treatment for the future.

Cat and dog fleasIs a flea infestation only from my pets?
No is the simple answer. Whilst pets are the most obvious source of fleas in your home, all fleas whatever species they prefer- dogs, cats or humans- will go to the nearest warm-blooded mammal. They may, therefore, have been brought in unawares by a human source.

Does a flea problem mean that I have a dirty house?
Not at all. It simply means that fleas have found their way into your home and now need to be removed. You can help by washing any removable furnishings- dog and cat beds, cushion covers, mats. You can also put flea collars on your pets and renew them regularly. But for long-lasting flea removal, you will need to call the professionals- Young’s Pest Control.
Our Golborne flea treatment by flea fumigation is a completely safe way to rid your home of these unwelcome pests. Call us on 0161 776 9832 or 0784 581 5261 as soon as you suspect a problem.