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Why You Need Diggle Pest Control 

Diggle wasp controlPests carry many illnesses and once they infest your home, you and your loved ones are at risk of suffering from the illnesses they carry. Pest's can also bite you or your pets, and are generally a nuisance. 

 For the sake of your safety, sanity and health, you need to get rid of pests before they take over your home. Considering how notorious pests can be, hiring a professional pest control company like Young’s Pest Control is the sure way of getting rid of pests for good. Pest removal requires qualified personnel for services like mice & rat control and wasp nest removal treatment.

 Types of Pests and their Damages 

 Pets of all kinds cause a lot of disturbance when they infest your home. They can make you stressed and cause you other damages.

 Ants, flea, bumblebee, honey bee and wasps:

 Most of the time, insects get into homes via shopping bags or by hanging onto pets making yourDiggle pest control home their colony. Once you start seeing them regularly, then that’s the beginning of a problem. In such a scenario, an infestation may be taking place. 

 Flea bites can cause allergic reactions to your skin since your body will react with the flea’s saliva. Fleas are also harmful to pets like dogs and cats. Your cat or dog can suffer from anaemia, tapeworm and various allergies as a result of a flea bite. 

 Ants, wasp, bumblebee and honey bees’ are a nuisance because of their painful sting and the buzzing sound. Honey bees leave the victim with a painful venom sac. People with bee allergies can easily die within minutes after a wasp or bee sting. You should immediately call Diggle Pest Control to help for wasp nest removal treatment or beehive removal. 

 We offer professional pest control for a flea infestation, ant control, bumblebee nest, and wasp nest removal so you can enjoy a pest-free home. 


 Bedbugs are one of the most annoying pest infestations. Not only are these blood-sucking pests small in size, but they are also relatively flat making it easier for them to hide from view. Bedbugs hide inside mattresses, bedding, carpets, bedroom clothing, or bedroom clutter. You will know you have a bedbug infestation when you notice the following signs:

 • Bedsheets and pillowcases with bloodstains (the stains are from crushed bedbugs)

 • Dark spots of their excrement on bed sheets, mattresses and walls 

 • Shed skin or eggshell in areas where they hide

 • Musty odour emanating from bedbugs’ scent glands

 Usually, bedbugs are transported from one place to another via luggage. This allows them to spread everywhere human beings settle. Due to the difficulty in spotting the bedbugs, controlling their infestation while depending on retail pest control products is not effective. Luckily, we offer permanent professional bedbug control.

 Rat, Mice And Squirrel

 Rats and mice are harmful pests associated with Diggle mice & rat controlmany diseases. Humans can get these diseases when they come into contact with faeces from rats and mice. This occurs when one eats food that has the faeces, handles the rats and mice, comes into contact with their saliva or urine, or through their bites. 

 These diseases include salmonella, hantavirus and the deadly bubonic plague. Rodents can also cause serious damage to properties like furniture. All these effects of rat and mice infestation just prove how crucial mice & rat control is.

 Squirrels are another nuisance that you want to avoid. Even though grey squirrels' health risks are yet to be known, it is advisable to make your home environment free of any squirrel. Getting rid of squirrel infestation on your own is not an easy affair. You need Diggle Pest Control to carry out the grey squirrel control for you. 

 Contact Diggle Pest Control immediately when you notice a pest infestation in your home to avoid incurring any damage to your health or property. Services provided include wasp nest removal treatment, mice & rat control, and removal of many other pests.