24-Hour Delph Rat Control Treatment

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Professional Cheadle Rat Control

Rats in the UK are most likely to be the Brown Rat, also known as the Norway Rat. These disease-spreading pests invade homes in both towns and rural settings, and their removal requires effective professional pest control treatment by experienced staff.
Brown Rat
Cheadle Rat Infestation: risks to your health

  • Rats can spread diseases such as Weil’s Disease and Salmonella to your family.
  • Some rats will harbour fleas that can harm your pets.
  • Due to their foraging behaviour, your food and your kitchen will be contaminated by rat urine and droppings.
  • Rats often chew on cables and pipes (both water and gas) causing damage and danger to your household.

Some information about Brown Rat Infestation

This intelligent and resourceful pest gains access to properties through sewer pipes, holes in brickwork or doors, open windows and even through burrowing. Rats in your garden may move into the house especially when the colder weather arrives.

The rat will only live for about a year, but it has a capacity to breed at only three months old and can have up to seven litters a year. By producing an average of seven offspring per litter, a rat is able to have 49 offspring within a year. If property owners ignore the rat problem, they will allow an even greater infestation to develop in a short time.

The rats live in groups and like to forage during the evening and night. They have bad eyesight and prefer to stick to their usual routes, leaving evidence of their presence by such marks as droppings, urine trails and greasy marks as their fur rubs against walls. Seeing a rat in the daytime is a sure sign the rat problem is growing.

ratWhy you need professional pest control treatment

  • Rats are very cautious creatures, and this makes them almost impossible to be caught using DIY methods.
  • Professional Cheadle rat control uses equipment and materials not available to the public. The pest controllers have the necessary training to use these rat removal methods safely.  Amateur efforts to get rid of rats only increases the problem. When only some of the rat population is eradicated, the remaining rats become more active in their breeding.

You need to get rid of rats using thorough methods. Help with Cheadle rat control is available. Please contact us about your rat or any other pest problem.