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Bramhall Rat Control

Rats represent a serious threat to human health and property. This pest will not go away and will breed at an alarming rate unless a professional pest control treatment is used to get rid of rats.

The common rat causes problems
Brown RatSometimes known as the Brown Rat, or the Norway Rat, this rodent can spread salmonella wherever it goes. Salmonella is a serious risk to the very young, elderly or those recovering from illness, and is very unpleasant for the healthy too. Weil's disease is transmitted by rats via their urine and is a problem particularly when the rats roam about in a kitchen. Family pets can become infected too if they bite, or get bitten by, a rat. Although rats eat anything, they are known to rather like pet food and may be attracted by your pet's dinner.

Rats have a habit of gnawing to keep their ever-growing teeth in good order. Extensive damage can be done by rats gnawing on electric cable, water and gas pipes and from their habits of burrowing into foundations and sewer pipes. Repair to such items is often expensive and causes great disruption to your family or business.

Bramhall Rat Infestation: know the signs

  • droppings, black and rather like long-grain rice in size
  • evidence of gnawing, such as debris from bricks or wood
  • smells, rather like that of a hamster
  • greasy marks, left when the rat scuttles about close to walls
  • holes, made by burrowing into grassy banks or under vegetation in the garden

Rats are naturally cautious and so it is uncommon to actually see one in the day. If you have seen a rat, this is a good indication that your infestation is of significant size.

ratBramhall Rat Infestation: how we help
Experienced in the pest control treatment, including rat removal, we understand customers’ anxieties about pests and how they will be dealt with. Our professional team knows how to effectively carry out Bramhall rat control with the minimum of upset. Once a careful diagnosis of the pest, likely the size of the infestation and suitable treatments has been made, all the procedures will be explained. We are also able to give useful advice on how to reduce the risk of any repeat infestation.

We are ready to get rid of rats, so there is no need to suffer.