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Bury Grey Squirrel Control - Call The Experts!

Grey squirrels, despite their cute appearance, can be damaging to the local climate, and also your home or commercial premises. These animals do not just like to frequent trees; they can, and often do, take up residence in gardens and loft space, causing the very real possibility of structural damage.

Additionally, not carrying out Bury grey squirrel control carries health risks. Dead squirrels carry bacterial infections, and if they die in areas inside the house, the smell of a rotting animal can cause great distress. Live squirrels can also carry bacteria on their coats, as well as in their droppings, with salmonella and leptospirosis having often been found in their dung.

A live squirrel, when cornered or trapped in a cage, has been known to bite if it feels threatened, causing infections and bacterial transfer, so it is important that Bury grey squirrel control is preventative where possible. and initiated as soon as a squirrel problem is found.

Grey squirrel pestEarly signs of a possible squirrel infestation can include:

  • Small round droppings
  • 'Scampering' and 'burrowing' noises in the attic
  • Gnaw marks on walls and furnishings (often near branches overhanging outside)
  • Foul smells of rotting and/or urine

Bury grey squirrel control can be made a lot harder if large, overhanging trees surround possible entry points; however, they are tenacious animals and can find entry points with our without trees.

Bury grey squirrel control is governed by several local and EU regulations, so it is important that DIY methods are avoided at all costs. Young's Pest Control will carry out a prompt and effective course of squirrel removal, ensuring humane destruction and preventative measures to stop infestations re-occurring. It is illegal to release a trapped squirrel back into the wild, so we will take care of the humane destruction of any animals that are caught in our professionally laid traps.

Grey squirrel close upOur squirrel pest control service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is fast and discreet (particularly helpful if you run commercial premises with customers coming in and out regularly). We will be able to establish if your problem is squirrel related or due to other pests, and carry out the correct treatment; all treatments, despite some pests looking similar, vary greatly, and our staff will be able to work in any residential or commercial environment, ensuring removal and prevention each time.