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Professional Bramhall Mice Control

If you discover that you have a mouse infestation in your home, mouse control is essential. These rodents can breed extremely quickly, and before you know it your home could become overrun by mice. Not only do mice spread diseases, but they can also cause extensive damage to your home.

House mouse, Mus domesticusWhy mouse removal is essential
Mice can carry and transmit a number of different diseases, such as:

• Hantavirus
• Salmonella
• Lyme disease
• Leptospirosis
• Campylobacter

All of these diseases can be passed onto you and the other members of your family, and young children are particularly susceptible to these diseases, as they are likely to play in areas where mice have left their waste. Mice can also cause considerable damage to the home by chewing through wires and cables, which can cause fires. Mouse urine contains a high level of ammonia, which can eat through wooden surfaces such as stairs and even the walls, causing these areas to rot and creating a strong unpleasant smell.

Type of mice infestation
There are two main types of mice; house mice and field mice. However, the most common types of mice that are found in the homes of people who live in towns and cities are house mice. House mice characteristics include:

• Brownish-grey in color with a thin tail that is longer than the head and body combined
• Adult house mice can weigh up to 25 grams
• The gestation period of three weeks
• Able to breed after 7-11 weeks
• 4-15 young in a litter
• Normally found in burrows in the ground
• Able to climb very well
• Like to eat grain
• Can eat three grams of the food in a day and can survive without water if necessary

Mouse NestHow to recognize the signs of a mouse infestation
If you find the following things in your home, there is a good chance you have a mice infestation:

• spindle-shaped droppings
• Dead and live mice in and around the home
• Smear marks, especially along the walls and on kitchenware such as glasses
• Gnawed food or packets
• Holes in the walls
• Damage to wires and cables
• Signs of nests

Types of Bramhall mice control
Before deciding on the type of Bramhall mice control necessary, a pest control expert will do a survey of the home and surrounding area to discover how the rodents entered the property. They will then consider the best type of treatment, which could control mouse-proofing the property, setting traps and using poison. The professional will probably set special bait stations to tempt the mice out of the home and into safe locations where the mice can be collected.

Attempting Bramhall mice control alone is not recommended, as it can be a very tricky process. At Young’s Pest Control we offer professional mouse control and mouse removal services. Our experts provide a rapid service to put an end to your Bramhall mice control problem as smoothly and simply as possible. Simply give us a call today to arrange an appointment and your mouse infestation problems will soon be a thing of the past.