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Professional Cheadle Hulme Mice Control

One of the most common of household pests:

Mouse NestOf all pests professional pest control companies are called out to deal with, the house mouse, (Mus musculus), is right up there at the top. With the continued decline in habitat over many years it’s become as used to surviving in a domestic environment as your dog or cat. In fact, it can be said it prefers it. Close proximity to all the food it requires and a myriad of places throughout a warm house to breed, it’s got a home from home...yours.

Generally, of a grey or brown colour, adults can weigh up to 25 grams. Small rounded ears, pointed snout and whiskers, and a hairless tail twice body length make the house mouse easy to spot if you’re lucky.

A prolific breeder:

The mouse infestation department of Young’s Pest Control Services is regularly called out to deal with heavy mice infestations. This is invariably caused by clients wrongly believing they have a single mouse problem.

With a gestation period of 19-21 days, a female will produce anything from 3-14 young in one litter. Add to that they are capable of reproducing 10 times a year, and females reach sexual maturity at six weeks old, and you begin to realise how fast a mice infestation can take over the home. That is why, at the first sign, or even if you just suspect, you have a mouse problem, effective control is so important.

Single traps don’t do it:

Invariably, when a householder suspects a mouse problem, off they go and buy a single trap. Forget it, by the time you’ve noticed a mouse in the house, they probably have a thriving family hidden away in the cavity walls, upper floor or roof spaces.

Cheadle Hulme mice control a mainstay of Young’s Pest Control Services, have years of experience in surveying properties for any mouse infestation, and equipment for effective mouse removal, all of them.

While they may look sweet little animals to many; mice are a pest, like rats, they can carry diseases such as salmonella, campylobacter and leptospirosis. An important consideration if the household contains young children or the elderly. Effective Cheadle Hulme mice control using professionals like Young’s Pest Control is paramount to ensure any mice infestation is effectively removed.

Signs to look for:

House mouse, Mus domesticusAs happy climbing vertically up a wall as walking on the flat, mice will find some way into that nice warm household environment. When one of Young’s mouse control engineers calls, he will do a full survey of your property. Pointing out possible entrance points and nesting sites both inside the property and the garden and surrounding area.

Thin black droppings on shelves, in cupboards, or on worktops are a sure sign of mice. Chewed cupboard doors or wood, chewed food packets and spilt food all point to mice. Chewed sacks or seed packs in the garden shed, or even rustling in wall cavities or scratching in roof spaces invariably points to mice in the property.
Call Young’s mouse control agents. Effective, professional mouse removal is required, to ensure the whole mice infestation gets removed.