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Bradshaw Wasp Nest Removal

Bradshaw Wasp Nest Removal Things that may indicate wasp or hornet infestation could be an increase in the number of wasps or hornets seen around the property or 'strange noises' coming from a ceiling or roof void. When the presence of a nest has been identified, the task of removing it safely should be handed to a professional hornet and wasp control operative.

Identifying a nesting problem

 As previously mentioned, strange noises or an increase in wasps around a property are a clear indication of a nearby wasp nest. Common locations for a nest can include:

  • Wall cavities
  • Roofs
  • Lofts
  • Eaves
  • Air vents
  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Trees 
  • Bushes
  • Bird nesting boxes

 A nest will be constructed of a material that resembles paper. It may be as small as a snooker ball in the early stages but can be the size of an inflated beach ball when completed.

Dealing with a nest

 In order to get rid of wasp nests, it is wise to request assistance from a local wasp exterminator. Wasps and hornets are capable of inflicting painful stings on humans which may result in severe consequences if the victim suffers an allergic Bradshaw Wasp Nest Removalreaction. Hospitalisation is not uncommon for suffers in this situation. When a wasp feels threatened it may produce pheromones which stimulate other wasps from the nest to provide assistance. The wasps are easily inflamed during this time and this can lead to a very dangerous situation. Professional hornet and wasp control should be employed for Bradshaw wasp nest removal to be completed safely.

What does a wasp exterminator do?

 The wasp nest removal cost will include the services of an appropriately equipped professional who will have access to the correct protective equipment, technical know-how, specialist tools and powerful insecticides which may not be available to the general public. 

When a nest location has been identified, the wasp nest removal cost will be explained before the work being undertaken. The methods employed to get rid of wasp nest problems will depend upon the location, size and ease of access.

Bradshaw Wasp Nest RemovalSo as not to enrage the occupants of the nest, the wasp exterminator will not undertake to make any invasive actions. By laying an appropriate insecticide around the entrance area, the worker wasps will carry the poison inside as they go about their business.

What are the differences between wasps and hornets?

 Although similar in size and shape, wasps are identified by having yellow and black stripes. Hornets will have brown and black marking. In the United Kingdom, hornets (Vespa crabro) are quite rare, being found mostly in areas to the south of the country. Two strains of wasp can be found throughout the UK. These are Vespula vulgaris or common wasp and Vespula Germanica or the German wasp. Wasps and hornets are not to be confused with bees as the bee will provide a useful service by pollinating plants. British agriculture depends on bees to pollinate around 30% of food crops produced. 

Taking precautions against wasp and hornet infestation

 There are a number of tasks that can be undertaken during the early spring-time which will help to avoid the development of a wasp or hornet nest close to a property. As the weather warms up it would be wise to move waste-bins away from the inhabited part of the house to exclude an attractive source of food for the wasps. Securing the lids of the bins will prevent access to the contents.

Where there is a requirement for windows to be open to provide cooling air to a building, Bradshaw Wasp Nest Removalit may be necessary to fit 'fly screens' to prevent the entry of any flying insects which may pose potential harm to the occupants. This is especially important in a property where there are children or elderly people present as a wasp or hornet sting can deliver severe pain to those who are stung.