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Are Squirrels Causing You Problems?

Audenshaw Grey Squirrel controlSquirrels are not man's best friend. They tend to come in through rooftops where they will find weakened spots and damage them further when trying to get into your home; once they come in, they will often nest in places like attics where they will chew through wood and other materials to make their home which is known as a drey. Even electrical wiring can be chewed through, leading to sparks, short-circuiting and even fires. Their damage knows no bounds. They could even gnaw on wooden structures such as beams and rafters, weakening their structure and ultimately causing them to collapse. This is how squirrels file down their teeth that never stop growing. This is why it's vital to act early when you notice them. By leaving the issue unattended, all you are doing is allowing them more time to reproduce. We at Audenshaw Squirrel Trapping are the best in the business for Squirrel Control.

In my experience, the most common places to find vermin are lofts, floorboards, between the decking, and trees. Because of the abundant source of food and protection from predators, these rodents will make a home of your home and cost you thousands of pounds worth of damage in the process. 

Considering that, it's in your best interest to speak to Audenshaw Squirrel Pest Control early on, so you don't end up with problems going out of control.

Squirrels reproduce quickly

- Squirrels breed at a rate of 2 to 5 young per litter.

- The gestation period is about 44 days.

- The average life span in the wild is 3 to 4 years, but they can live up to 10 years in captivity.

- Squirrels can bear young when they are about seven months old.

- Siblings may stay together for a year or longer.

- There is an average of four generations per year. However, this will depend on the species, time of year and climate conditions.

- Average litter size is 4.4 (range 2 to 8), with an average weaning age of 4 weeks.

Squirrels feed on the following items - Nuts

- Berries

- Seeds

- Insects

- Other small animals

A drey is a squirrel's home. It is usually made of twigs and isAudenshaw Squirrel Control treatment situated in a tree or on a building. Squirrels often keep their dreys clean and will replace bedding that has become soiled. Eastern grey squirrels build a leaf nest for their young born in early spring. These nests are typically made of leaves, twigs and bark and can be as large as 3 feet (1 meter) across and 2 feet (60 centimetres) deep.

One pair of squirrels may use 2 to 3 different trees for nesting each season because the males and females only live together during mating. Therefore, they prefer certain trees or locations depending on the condition of the habitat. Squirrel babies grow fast and sleep most of the time. When they reach ten weeks old, they begin venturing out for short periods at night with their mother. They learn to glide during these outings. The young leave home when they are 12 weeks old.

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