Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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A Northwich Wasp Nest Removal Service with a Difference


A hornet will make its nest by chewing any woody material into fine fibres. These fibres are then mixed with saliva to form a substance that resembles paper. Maybe, this is Mother Nature’s lesson that solutions are always within our reach.

The other side of a hornet

The diligence of these pests will also be vindicated when it comes to attacking a perceived enemy. They have the ability to strike several times with their venomous sting. What is more, is the fact that they can strike in thousands if that is what it will take to keep their territory free from enemies. The impact of the venom may be more for those who are allergic to the venom. The venom may cause itching and swelling. In extreme cases, the sting may cause a coma or even death.


Why do you need a professional for your wasp removal treatment

A wasp is one of the most dangerous pests to control. It is therefore obvious that wasp control will need a professional. Here at Young is where to find such a professional. We will use our specialised personal protective equipment, tools as well as expertise to leave you in peace.

The Northwich wasp nest removal treatment is what will follow after the structural inspectors have identified the nest. However, we understand that the process of applying the Northwich wasp nest removal treatment may bring about losses. As a result, we have taken a full insurance cover to ensure that our service does turn a burden. All you need is to call us at any time of the day and no cost, and we will be at your doorstep within no time.

Mothering a whole colony
It all starts at the end of spring. As the summer approaches, all creation becomes vibrant as it prepares to use the favourable weather. Any wasp queen in solitude will look for a suitable place to make a colony of her own. It must be a haven of peace with no form of intrusion. This is important because the nest will need minimal interruption if it has to be sizeable within a short period of time. Unfortunately, the haven may be your house or your compound. It could be in the ventilation, the attic, the eaves or even in that unused room at the corner of your house.

A Rome that is made in one day

wasp controlA hornet gets into the secure place it has identified. It starts by building a small nest in which it lays tens of eggs. After hatching, it nurses the young ones. These young ones will be the pioneer drones and males in the nest. The drone will assume nursing leaving the queen to concentrate on laying eggs. Next, the males fertilise the eggs. Every member performs the duty assigned by fate diligently. This makes the queen a mother of thousands in a short time. The small nest grows to be feet wide to accommodate the ever-growing population.