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Bollington Rat Control Services

Brown RatWhen it comes to pests, rats can be one of the hardest to get rid of and the most destructive. These resourceful rodents can get into almost anything. They can cause structural damage and fire risks in buildings while contaminating food and carrying diseases and parasites that infect pets and people. The best pest control treatment to deal with a Bollington rat infestation is professional help - the friendly staff at Young's Pest Removal are trained in various techniques and available to help 24 hours a day.

Rats are Pests

Rats can be incredibly sneaky, so by the time most people notice evidence of them. There is already a rat infestation in the building. Rats and mice often come into buildings looking for shelter and food, and if they find one or both, they are likely to stay. Rats can climb and fit through tiny openings very well, making it easy for them to find a way inside and into the food cupboards. Not only do they ruin stored food, but they may contaminate the area with their droppings as well. These can contain viruses and bacteria that infect people.
In chewing to make their nests and create passageways, rats can damage structural components of buildings and damage electrical wires, which can spark and become a fire hazard when their protective coating is removed. Rats can also bite pets and people if provoked and inflict real damage, especially to small animals and young children.

Bollington Rat Control Requires Expert Knowledge

ratThere are many different techniques for rat removal: live traps, kill traps, different kinds of poison. Bollington rat control experts such as the employees of Young's Pest Control can help determine the extent of a rat infestation and may provide insight into how rats are getting in and out, accessing food, etc. They also have the experience to effectively use the different pest control treatment options available to get rid of rats.

Placement of poison and traps is key to get rid of rats. Both of these methods can be a hazard to pets and children if they are within easy reach, and both will be ineffective if they are placed somewhere the rats don't go or are avoidable. Ensuring that the dead rats can be easily removed and safely disposed of is also important for hygiene and preventing scavenging animals from being poisoned.

Bollington rat control is tricky, but the experts at Young's can get it done.