Wood Boring Insect Treatment

Wood Boring Insect Treatment
Woodworm infestations cause a great deal of damage to homes in Manchester, and properly removing the pests is the only way to avoid serious structural problems. Manchester Wood boring insects breed and spread quickly. Upon detecting the insects, a professional wood boring insect treatment should be undertaken as quickly as possible.

Female wood boring insects can lay their eggs in the small cracks and fissures of any household timber. Woodworm is the name for the larvae that hatches from the eggs. These larvae cause the real damage, as they consume part of the grain of wood in order to reach maturity. Each larva can live for up to five years, constantly boring and tunneling through wood. If left untreated, a wood boring insect infestation can severely damage and devalue a property.

There are many species of wood boring insects in the United Kingdom. Of these, the common furniture beetle is by far the greatest nuisance. As many as three out of four UK properties are infested with the common furniture beetle. The death watch beetle is associated with fungal rot. The mating ritual of the death watch beetle involves a clicking noise that is often audible. The house longhorn beetle prefers softwood. Larvae of the house longhorn beetle can take up to thirty years to mature. The wood boring weevil typically infests decaying wood.

Removal of Manchester wood boring insects is no easy task. Woodworm infestations are time sensitive, and dealing with the problem ineffectively will give the larvae more time to consume structural timber and furniture. It is also important to remember that infestations typically cause problems that are not visible. Professionals services are qualified to determine the full extent of the infestation.

Each type of wood boring insect requires specific measures to ensure a safe removal. For example, the house longhorn beetle requires careful testing of the structural soundness of affected timber. The wood boring weevil infests decaying timber, so damp and fungal wood must be removed. A professional Manchester pest control service has the necessary experience to determine the specific treatment that will work for each unique situation.

Professionals can also ensure that there are no traces of the infestation remaining after treatment. For a wood boring insect treatment to be truly effective, proper preventative measures must be taken. Professionals know the best ways to disrupt any future insects that may try to further infest a property. Therefore, a professional pest control service is the effective and permanent solution to wood boring insect infestations.

A timber infestation will cause structural problems that increase in severity over time. A professional wood boring insect treatment will stop these pests before the situation worsens. Dealing with a timber infestation quickly and effectively is the only way to ensure the complete removal of both larvae and adult insects.

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