Urban Fox Problems in Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire

It’s been nearly six years since Parliament banned fox hunting and within this time our four legged friends has flourished and in some cases they have even been found to enter the human doamin. Over the pest few months we have heard loads of stories about the fox and even on were a fox went into an house went up stairs and attacked their babies leaving them permanently scared Then within a few weeks a three year old boy was taken to hospital after being attacked by a fox, the boy was bitten on the arm during a party and it is thought that he went to stroke the tail of the animal which was sticking out from under a temporary building when it turned on him, in both cases the children were lucky that the injuries were not more serious.

Like it or not, foxes are now a permanent feature of most towns and cities. Often walking round late at night looking for food, mates and new places to dwell. Some people see these urban foxes as smelly scavengers who wreak havoc in your garden, doing no good but keeping people awake at night. After the recent attacks, a survey carried out in London revealed almost 45% of Londoners said their opinion of wild animals changed and that 25% of people were now more aware of urban foxes and would not encourage them into their gardens.

lucky enough here in Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire we have not had that many problems with the fox as yet

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