Unwanted Guests at Christmas

Christmas is a time for friends & family to enjoy food and drink and make memories together. However, family and friends are not the only ones looking for access to your home at Christmas!
As the weather turns colder and wetter, many animals and insects are looking for shelter in your cosy homes, and of course, all that yummy Christmas food is inviting them even more into your warm, dry home.

Unwanted Guests at Christmas

Mice can find their way inside through the smallest of cracks or holes in your exterior brickwork. They are highly adept at squeezing into these tiny spaces to make their way into your home. Commonly found in kitchen areas, mice can also gnaw their way in and then make their way through your foodstuff – Generally unseen until it’s too late. Suddenly you may hear some scratching noises, Or you may see some tiny little rice-sized droppings in your food cupboards or indeed holes in food packets or gnawed pieces of food. It’s important to know that mice are incontinent, and every single place they have been will have been touched by mice urine. As you can imagine, this leaves you with a huge cleaning job as well as working out how to catch them and indeed where they have gained access.

Bear in mind that mice are social creatures, and often where there is one mouse! They can also reproduce within around 21 days, so you can imagine that with an average of 10 pups each, your house can quickly and easily be overcome by these pests.

There are many traps, pesticides and advice available online. However, to ensure a thorough job is done and that these tenacious mice do not return to your home, your best advice is to call our friendly pest control service.

Similarly, rats are also looking for shelter at this time, and they can smell food from a very long distance away. Imagine all of those yummy Christmas treats! Mince pies, chocolates, cheeses, Christmas pudding! They will be after some of that. As with mice, Rats can also be identified by scratching noises, gnawed items, and their droppings, which are more the size of a jellybean – much bigger than mouse droppings!

Again the only advice for dealing with rats is to call our professionals. They are not creatures to be dealt with by amateurs!

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