The best way to control masonry and miner bees in Manchester

Most bees are social insects, meaning that they live in colonies. There are also few solitary species such as the masonry and miner bees. Unlike paper wasps and honey bees in Manchester, each bee lives in its own nest instead of a well-defended colony. Both masonry bees and miner bees can cause destruction to your structures if their populations are not controlled.

The life of masonry bees

The bees establish their nests in summer or spring and these normally contain around 6 to 12 eggs. The eggs are then sealed with mud, but with nectar and pollen inside. After one year, they hatch into young adults. Masonry bees like nesting in empty hole such as those of old nails, unoccupied beetle borings, beneath roof tiles and in the ground.

Mining bees

Their bodies are black and yellow in colour. They live in burrows and can sting.

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