Summer Pests

Not long now till the weather starts to warm up and we all know what that means, the return of flying insects such as wasps, bees and flies and then there’s the crawling insects such as ants, earwigs and beetles. Many of these insects are not poisonous to humans but they do bring with them a fear of contamination especially when food is involved.

When the weather starts to heat up some home owners may take the steps to prevent an infestation of ants by purchasing some low quality pest control methods from the local hardware shop. This may turn out to be a waste of time and money as many of the ingredients used are not strong enough to kill all the pests.

When it comes to Ants there are two main types which we see:

  • Black Ants which are easier to control as these normally don’t venture too far from their own nest.
  • Pharaohs Ants which are more tricky to control as they venture further from the ‘mother nest’ and even set up smaller ‘satallite’ nests which makes infestation easier.

In order to stop an infestation it is better to contact a qualified pest control company which will help iradicate this pest from your home and business.

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