Stinging Season

We all love the warmer weather and the sound of kids playing in the garden seems to lift everyones spirits, the only problem is that we are not the only ones that come alive in the warmer weather. Many of our garden ‘pests’ also come alive, Wasps and Hornets love the warmer weather they can often be seen buzzing in our gardens looking for the perfect place to build their nests.

We automatically know when a bee or wasp flies into our garden, as all the children will start to scream and shout as they run into the house, if the Queen finds a hole into our home or shed, within minutes she’ll soon start to build her nest.

Not long after that, there will be hundreds of black and yellow flying insects flying around our garden. Its not all bad as we are always being told that Wasps and Bees are the gardeners friends as they help with propitiation of certain plants and flowers, however as a parent I would not want one of these nests near my children.

If you suspect you may have a nest either in your garden, attic or even underneath your decking then you have to call an expert to get rid of it. Young’s pest Control will guarantee to get rid of your Wasp or Hornet problem in less than 30 minutes. When we arrive at your premisses we will scatter insecticidal powder around and inside the nest, this will kill all the Wasps and Hornets then we will safely remove the nest, leaving you to enjoy the rest of the warm weather.

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