Wildlife Management

Youngs Pest Control & Wildlife Maintenance Services offer Specialist Wildlife Maintenance Services to ensure the protection of your property and livestock.

What we provide


countrysideWe provide pest control services that stop agricultural damaging and industrial damages through both pest control and wildlife management. All of our work is done to a high standard according to your needs. We provide many specialist services, which we provide at a very high standard these are:

Bird Control
Birds cause lots of damages to agriculture in Britain every single year. The most expensive bird is the Woodpigeon species, causing an estimate of 250 million pounds per year and a further 900 million from a variety of other bird species. These birds cause damages to industrial and residential properties, with diseases. Sometimes the birds can be hazardous to the public because the droppings and airborne diseases can do various things to someone’s health.

We other a variety of pest control services for birds, which are spiking and netting residential and industrial buildings to prevent feral pigeons and gulls. We also provide shooting when necessary, but only in less sensitive areas such as the countryside. We shoot strategically so we do not waste bullets; we decoy birds into a spread of smartly placed decoys which then lure the birds so they can be shot. We do not leave any birds we have killed, instead, we remove and dispose of them.

Rabbit Control
rabbitRabbits are a problem when they overpopulate and can cause damages to the land and structures such as fences. Rabbits cause an average of 75 million costs in damage to the land each year, affecting things such as farms. The way they damage the land is by burrowing holes into the ground, which can destroy farmer’s crops and injure farm animals like horses and cows. Rabbits can also make fences less stable because holes have been created below them, causing it to have less foundation. We provide suitable wildlife management services to prevent and stop these things from happening to your business or property.

Fox Control
Foxes can be seen every night in your garden, scavenging across your bins and even fighting your pet cat. To the agricultural industry, they cause around 4 million pounds worth of damage each year by passing on disease or killing poultry. The services that we provide will keep these foxes at a minimum, and we have two fox services that we provide.
The first service is shooting, in day or night, through lamps or through night vision, with modified firearms that will lower the amount of sound produced. The second option we provide is the use of live baiting traps, which catch foxes that will be destroyed humanely; however, these traps must be checked every day.

Deer Control
the final wildlife management service we provide is on deer, which do not cause much damage each year compared to the other animals mentioned. However, deer in the UK are on a steady increase. Deers cause damage everywhere, such as forest industries, agricultural and private gardens or home gardens. Deer also cause dangers on dark roads, were crashing into a crossing deer is likely and hard to prevent. The way in which we help in this situation is by using firearms when necessary or by dispatching of a dead deer in a humane fashion.

Pest Control
humane pest controlWe offer many pest control services for your everyday pests in your houses, gardens or even businesses. The pests we deal with are wasps, hornets, red bugs, flies, beetles, mice and many other pests/insects.
When we do this we always provide a safe and effective solution to eradicating the threat of pests in your area. We always use products that will not harm either you, another member of the premises or pets by keeping the customer in mind. We always ask the necessary questions before we go ahead and come up with the easiest and most effective way to eradicate the rodents from the house.

Bee, hornet and wasp removal services
We provide many ways to eradicate or dispose of the bees, hornets or wasps from the area according to the scenario. We will always take the right step and safest way to do this by taking our time to think about you. If we are able to remove the insects then we will be able to safely dispose of them to one of our 3 beekeepers used by ARI Pest Control and Wildlife Maintenance Services.


The brown rat, Rattus norvegicus, captive, by corn sack, August 2009

Rodents include mice, squirrels and rats that infest the home or any other building. We take the necessary steps after assessing the situation to see if we need to use poison baits or humane equipment. The way we choose this depends on the size of the infestation and the rate of growth.

Proofing Service
We provide a unique proofing service to ensure that the customer is happy and to take the extra step so you do not experience the same issue in the future. We use this service for the rodent infestation and we make sure the rodents cannot return back to the property. We use survey data to make sure we take the right steps to proof your house from further rodents. We offer interior and exterior proofing according to your personal situation. Further testing will be done after the proofing is implemented to make sure the proofing service was sufficient and can be relied on. After this, the final thing we do is search the house for any holes that rodents could potentially enter in from, and if there is any we will fill it up for you.

Finally, we offer our advice on your specific situation and give feedback according to our experts. We give you ways that you can do yourself that can help keep the area tidy by disposing of household or industrial waste in the correct manner. In doing this you will prevent rodents and insects and prevent harm to the public.