Fox - Vulpes vulpes

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foxesFoxes carry diseases, and they won’t think twice about sharing them with you or your beloved pet dogs. Effective fox control treatments make your property less attractive to wandering foxes.


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Fox Control
Some people might find them cute and charming, but most people recognize the problems with foxes. They are a pest of the highest order, and they can be challenging to get rid of. In addition, Fox damage is a severe problem: digging in flower beds, stealing your prize fruits and vegetables, and tearing up yards. However, Manchester urban fox control has the solutions that you need for your unwanted guests.

The Problems with Foxes
Foxes carry diseases, and they won’t think twice about sharing them with you or your beloved pet dogs.
Toxocariasis - Contagious to humans, this parasitic roundworm leaves eggs with sticky shells that can remain contagious for up to four years. Young children who play with their toys in the garden are at the highest risk for ingesting these eggs. Symptoms include upset stomach, sore throat, headache, listlessness and possibly even blindness.
Weil’s disease – Leptospirosis is potentially fatal and can be passed to domesticated animals and humans through the urine.

Hydatid Disease – Another form of tapeworm, cysts, or tumours can form in the liver, lungs, bones, and brain. Drinking water can become contaminated through infected drinking water. Even petting the fox, or petting a pet dog that came in contact with the fox, can result in the eggs and the disease.

Sarcoptic Mange – Mites found on foxes cause this contagious skin condition. It can be passed from foxes to domestic animals and people.
Foxes are also known to kill small domestic animals. So your child’s pet rabbit won’t be safe if there’s a fox about, and neither will that litter of kittens.
The other issue is the fox damage that you will have to deal with and clean up. Residents of Manchester, Warrington, Cheshire and Liverpool know that foxes like to help themselves to refuse sacks, leaving an incredible mess behind. They leave their infected faeces in gardens, steal food that was meant for songbirds and will scream and bark throughout the night. Fortunately, there are fox solutions that will help you keep these animals away from your home.

Fox repellents
Foxes are as intelligent as they are bothersome, and they will quickly find ways around many repellents. Therefore, it’s important to choose systems that will work in both the short and long term.

• Sonic fox repellents emit a sonic boom when an animal wanders into the covered areas. In addition to driving away foxes, they will also prevent cats and dogs from coming to visit. While they are highly effective, they are not the best idea if you have your pets.
• Our repellent sprays are ideal for protecting certain areas. They can safely be used to treat your garden and help keep the foxes and other critters out. Bouquets include Scoot and Get Off My Garden. Another option is Wash and Get Off rush that is excellent for cleaning up fox fouling and protecting the area.
Fox deterrents
Repellents require that a fox enter your yard to be effective, but deterrents drive them away before they can get too close.
* Scarecrow – A traditional scarecrow only look frightening, but the ScareCrow deterrent for foxes delivers sprits of water. When foxes are detected, they are sprayed with water. Naturally, no fox wants to be around the sudden noise or the sudden soaking.

Fox proofing

Sometimes the best fox solutions involve taking simple steps to protect your house. There are easy ways to keep the foxes out, and they will even help make your garden more attractive.
• Keep the rubbage cleaned up and contained. Choose bins with lids that can be kept firmly closed, or consider buying containers with locking lids.
• Take the time to block off any holes around a shed or house with sturdy materials. Before permanently blocking off the holes, be sure to lightly fill them and wait a few days to ensure you are not caging an animal under your home.
• Fence tops with flat surfaces are attractive additions to your garden, but they also provide foxes with an accessible walkway. Prickle and brickle strips make these surfaces painful to walk on and more effective at keeping critters out.

Fouling clearance

Fox faeces carry diseases, but clearing them away can help keep your family and pets safe. A poop scoop and plastic bag should be used to clean away the faeces. The area should then be disinfected for roundworm eggs. PX Parvo disinfectant is an excellent choice for cleaning away fox fouling, keeping your garden safe and enjoyable.
Urban fox control in Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool, and Cheshire requires the clever use of fox control treatments. Fox damage can easily be prevented with deterrents and repellents. Protect your family, garden, and home from foxes, their injury, and their diseases.

Fox Damage (A Fox Will Kill For Fun)