Rats, Mice and other rodents in Manchester

Just thought I would post a quick blog post to remind every one that its getting cold outside now so rodents are looking for some were to shelter from the cold weather. This means that rats and mice in Manchester and around the UK will be looking for a place to shelter now whats better then are house or office, Nice and warm, plenty of food in bins etc

What can you do in Manchester?

1. Remember a mouse can get through a hole the size on a pencil, or a marker pen for a rat.
2. Make sure if your feeding your birds that every couple of days you sweep up the old food this will attract rodents like a magnet when food is hard to find
3. Empty your bins before you leave your office or go to bed so there is no food around
4. If you have rodents make sure you call us 0161 776 9832 as some times trying to deal with things your self can only make it worst

And remember were always here to help in Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire

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