Pigeon Control Solutions in Manchester

Pigeon Control

Pigeon control is necessary for owners of homes and buildings in cities, rural areas and farms. The structural damage to rooftops, window frames and sills and other places where the birds like to gather is often expensive. However, humane bird proofing like pigeon spikes and netting by professional pest controllers is reasonably priced and does work.

Crowds of Birds

Friendly pigeons have lived in the British Isles for hundreds of years. The wood pigeon is the largest of the species. But, then, descendants from the rock pigeons domesticated in the Middle Ages are feral pigeons today.

Pigeons do not become aviary pests because they have terrorist personalities. Pigeons are members of the dove family of fowls and are peace-loving. Still, they are also sociable and love to congregate. They make messes and nests that owners of buildings and homes have to clean.

The droppings that the crowds of pigeons leave everywhere they gather are problems to property owners. Owners must clean up the mess or hire someone to do the job. Worse still is the fact that the droppings carry illness and bacteria.

Successful Bird Control

Bird proofing by pest control experts is successful in stopping the damage that birds can cause. In addition, the methods and devices are humane for wild creatures. One such device installed over rooftops is bird netting. Placed over stadiums, apartments and other structures, these nets do not trap birds and animals. Pigeons and other birds do not land on roofs covered by bird netting.

Another form of pigeon control includes bird spikes. The pigeon spikes are secured in a line along ledges, rooftops and windowsills. The pigeons see the bird spikes and no place to land. They know the space is entirely occupied and move on to someplace else that has more room.

Humane Pigeon Control

A few wires, spikes and nets provide humane bird control to prevent pigeons from roosting and constructing their nests in the protected location. Professional pest control services send birds safely packing. They no longer find places to land on the homes and buildings with effective bird proofing devices.

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