Pest Control In The Winter Months

The flies and other flying insects are not flying about outdoors and wild animals and insect are not seen running about in wintertime, but pest control is needed in homes and buildings for those rats, mice and other pests that are looking for a warm place to live away from the winter temperatures, rain and snow.

Human homes and other buildings that are warm and dry during the cold months are inviting to any number of small wild creatures. All living things have the basic needs of shelter, warmth, food and water. People build homes to help fulfil these necessities. The outdoor animals and insects search to provide the best situation for meeting their needs as well.

Although they may know or sense the danger of living close to humans, wild creatures take their chances in their quest for survival. The shelters that people construct are so ideal for keeping out the cold temperatures and precipitation. Additionally, homes and other buildings are places where water and food is readily available.

Wild Creatures
People may be surprised at the wild creatures that take up residence in their homes. Some of the most common and despised are rodents. Squirrels infest attics whilst mice and rats live in walls and dark cabinetry. Not only are these animals messy, they are destructive and carry diseases.

For instance, as a mouse scurries along searching for food, the action of walking regulates its intestines and bowels. The mice and rats walk along dripping urine and faeces as their legs move. The bubonic plague is spread by the rodent population as well as salmonella, strains of typhus and other illnesses. Then, they chew through all types of items they find like insulation, wiring and other building materials including wood.


When it comes to insects that live indoors, cockroaches are infamous pests. They also spread diseases as the rodents do. As the growing population runs about the premises, cockroaches carry on their legs and undersides harmful microscopic particles of salmonella and other sicknesses and bacteria they pick up from the dark, damp places where they love to reside.

Another pest is the black ant. These insects are not found outdoors, but they find their way into buildings. Their colonies may move into walls, especially near warm spots like water heaters. Some of them are destructive, chewing through wood and other structural materials to make tunnels accessing food and water supplies.

Now, wild animals do not always hibernate, and insects that live in a human-made building are just as active in winter as summertime. Still, home and business owners protect their home during the winter months by scheduling routine visits from those professionals with experience in pest removal.

These pest control experts have the products and provide the treatments to keep out any kind of nuisance wild animal or insect. If these creatures attempt to take up residence, they will soon be packing and vacating the premises because they will no longer find the building or home a fit place to live.


For the best in reliable pest control treatments and services, home and business owners look for the right pest control provider. Of course, people want to know that when they hire professionals to handle pests that the methods and products used are humane and effective, not harmful to humans or pets. Property owners choose trustworthy professionals with the protection of their property against all nuisance animals and pests that are dirty, destructive and disease ridden.

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