Manchester Pest Control Tips: The Top 7 Ways To Prevent Cockroach Infestations

You may not think that Manchester pest control companies have to concern themselves with cockroaches in this country because they only live in hot climates. That is not strictly true. There are in fact two types of cockroach that now live, breed and absolutely thrive in the UK. The German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach have both migrated over here and now live up and down the country. As such, you have to prepare to keep them out. You have to make sure that they cannot cause problems or else you may have to call in one of the pest control Manchester companies to help.

First of all, you have to know what environments cockroaches thrive in. They are all anywhere up to 23mm in length and can move incredibly quickly. The German cockroach can also fly, swim and climb smooth surfaces. As such, if you have an infestation then you will have to call in the Manchester pest control experts to help you out. They prefer heated areas and tend to move indoors as soon as they possibly can. However, they are nocturnal and so can get into your home and be there for months before you even know about it. This is why you have to take prevention steps sooner rather than later.

The following 7 points will help you to infinitely improve your chances of preventing cockroaches coming into your home:

  1. Cockroaches love dirty environments so the cleaner your home is, the less likely they are to enter it and make it their home. Make sure that you clean all of the nooks, crannies and dark corners to make sure they have nowhere to hide.
  2. Always take your rubbish out at the end of every day so there is no food left around for them. You should also make sure that there are no holes in your bin and that the lid fits securely.
  3. Never leave dirty dishes in your home at any time. Leaving them on the side will provide the cockroaches with food and can cause the need for Manchester pest control. At least make sure that they are in soapy water.
  4. Do not allow grease to build up in your home. This means cleaning your oven, sealing food containers, covering any pet food left in bowls and wiping down your sideboards every night.
  5. Fix any leaking taps that you have and make sure that there is no standing water in or around your home. Cockroaches need water to live so removing any sources of it will help to get rid of the problem.
  6. Remove any clutter so that there is absolutely nowhere for cockroaches to hide.
  7. Never allow cockroaches to enter your home in the first place. You need to ensure that there are no holes for them to sneak through. Caulk around crack in tiles and sideboards, fill the areas around pipes and make sure that there are no open spaces for them to climb through or else you will need Manchester pest control in a hurry.

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