Manchester Pest Control Tips: The Top 6 Ways To Prevent Mice Infestations

Manchester pest control is high on many speed dial lists all year round because of the seemingly increasing number of pests around. More and more infestations seem to occur every year and there are two common rodents that usually make the top pests lists. The first is rats but the second, and more common in domestic homes, is the mouse. Mice are not only an annoyance but can bring in all sorts of other bugs, viruses and problems. As such, you need to sort the problem out sooner rather than later.

To avoid calling in Manchester pest control experts, you need to take several steps to ensure that mice do not get into your home. If they do then the likelihood is that all the traps in the world will not stop them returning time and again. Mice are just as flexible as rats are and can sneak through the smallest of gaps. They can climb, jump and will not hesitate to bring their entire families into your home so take the following steps to prevent mice infestations in the first place rather than having to look to take care of them at a later date.

The six points below are excellent places to start when it comes to preventing mice infestations:

1. Make sure that your property is free from rubbish. This includes any litter in your garden and in front of your home. Everything from old gardening equipment to furniture to garden waste should be cleared away because they provide excellent shelter for mice.
2. Cut back everything in your garden to a manageable level. You need to be able to tend it all year round to disrupt any mouse habitats that may be there. Wild areas are fine if they are far enough from your home but all shelter around your home should be tamed.
3. If you have a path or patio area in front of your home then make sure that there is a 3 inch gravel border around it to keep rodents at bay. Mice will not cross it or burrow through it so it is an excellent tactic to use to avoid calling Manchester pest control in too.
4. Make sure that your rubbish area is tidy at all times. Never leave lids off bins and if you have cracks in them then use tape to plug them up immediately. Mice can easily squeeze into cracks that are just a centimetre or so big so make sure that you do not give them the chance. This also applies to compost heaps.
5. Take a walk around your home and make sure that all gaps are plugged up. This should be done every month or so. Pipes, vents and cracks are ideal for mice to squeeze through so maintain them and keep all gaps to a minimum.
6. If you have a pet then the likelihood is you will have few problems with mice because of the scent but make sure that you keep all cat flaps that are not in use firmly shut and do not leave any doors that mice could get through open unless you want to call in Manchester pest control.

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