Manchester Pest Control Tips: 5 Ways To Prevent Ant Infestations

In spring and summer, homes in all areas of the UK suffer from one plight. Although some will also have rats, others will have flees and even more will have mice, not every household will suffer from these Manchester pests, but there is one pest that will prove to be a handful, even for Manchester pest control experts. Actually, it may come as a shock to find out what sort of pest it is because many homeowners do not think of the annoying creatures as a pest. That pest is the common ant. Black ants are the worst pests around. Difficult to get rid of and hard to prevent in the first place, you need to start looking to prevent them entering your home now, before it is too late.

Black ants are far more problematic than red ants, even though more people dread the latter. Although red ants do bite, they tend to steer clear of human habitation, preferring instead to make their nests in remote areas or large gardens. The following preventative measure can help you to steer clear of ant infestations this spring and summer:

1. The first thing to do is check around your home to make sure that there is no reason to call Manchester pest control in the first place. Ants will only go somewhere that offers them a source of food and shelter. For example, if your home is cool and it is baking outside then they will head indoors. If there is a food source then it will be easy to follow their trail so you can eliminate the food source. It may be a bin or food may be lying around.
2. When it gets to spring time, go around your house looking for any potential entry points. This must be done outside the home because ants will burrow, disrupt the soil and leave huge holes or cracks in your home and garden. As such, you need to make sure that all pipes are secured, all cracks are filled and all vent meshing is intact. This will help you to avoid calling Manchester pest control out.
3. If you do find ant trails when you are walking around outside then cut them off. If you do not have pets then the best way to do this is using a little household insecticide but if you do have pets then use talcum powder to remove the trails and disrupt the pattern.
4. Look inside your home and note any improvements that need to be made in terms of loose skirting boards, cracks, loose tiles and other such issues that could be exploited by ants looking to make nests inside your home. By mending these problems in advance you can avoid issues in the future.
5. Just be vigilant. The first time you see an ant inside your home is the start of the season of misery for you. If you want to avoid problems later, you should take care of the problem before it truly starts.

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