Manchester Pest Control: 5 Tips For Preventing Pigeon Infestations

Did you know that pigeons are often referred to as “rats with wings”? This is the common name for them in urban areas, such as those Manchester pest control take care of, but this applies to all feral pigeons regardless of where they seem to settle. This is largely because pigeons carry the same number of germs and viruses that rats do but also because they tend to settle in one area and prove to be almost impossible to get rid of via conventional means. Do not mistake homing pigeons and those kept in back yards for those that are considered feral though. The two are very different, with the former being clean and trained and the latter being wild and very destructive.

If you want to avoid calling Manchester pest control in to take care of a pigeon problem, you need to prevent infestations in the first place. There are ways and means that you can prevent pigeons settling in your home and garden and five of them are below for your reference. Make sure you adhere to these and prevent problems from day one:

1. Fix your home up! That is the first rule of keep pigeons and thus the Manchester pest control away. Pigeons tend to head for derelict buildings or those that are run down enough to offer access to the attic, roof space or disused water tanks. In fact, pigeon will make their homes wherever they can. Holes in walls, poor roofing, loose tiles, broken windows and other such issues on a house can provide them with an opportunity to get in. Do not let them in at all because you will never get rid of them. Fix these issues now.
2. Clean up any areas that could provide pigeons with ready access to any form of food. This could be exposed compost heaps, outside rubbish bins, waste areas and other similar areas can provide food for pigeons. They are excellent foragers and so will take advantage of the slightest laxness in rubbish disposal.
3. Cover all dog, cat and other pet food you may have up when it is left unattended. For example, if you have an outdoor pet like a rabbit, make sure that the food is left in a cage or similar area. Dog food should never be left exposed because pigeons will take full advantage.
4. Prevent other pests coming into your home. Insects like ants also provide ready food sources for pigeons so by preventing these pests, you can prevent pigeons coming in too.
5. Finally, walk around your property regularly and make sure that you know exactly where you are in terms of repairs. Make sure that all cracks are plugged up as soon as they appear because you can ensure that you never have a problem with pigeons and never have to call in Manchester pest control this way!

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