Liverpool Squirrel Control

Liverpool Squirrel Control has found that one of the most common regional pests is the Sciurus Carolinensis, most commonly known as the Eastern Grey Squirrel. This squirrel, like most rodents, is a gnawing mammal. On average they weigh about 0.45k (1 lb.) and can measure somewhere around 35-50 cm (15 inches) long, including their tails. Squirrels have a high reproductive rate, producing between four and eight offspring each year. Squirrel damage Liverpool has become an increasingly familiar problem. With their strong jaw muscles and chisel-shaped front teeth, these creatures are capable of gnawing through just about anything.

Squirrels are most active during the daytime and don’t seem to be fussy about their dwelling. They thrive in residential areas where large trees are present. Squirrel Control Liverpool has found that the easy access squirrels have to residential air vents, roofs, loft and attic spaces, and even outbuildings leads to massive amounts of damage. While the Eastern Grey Squirrel isn’t typically found to harbour disease, they can carry fleas and parasites that can be transmitted to your domestic pets. They can also gnaw through bird feeders and wreak havoc on your garden. What do you do to rid yourself of these pests?  Search squirrel damage Liverpool.

Liverpool Squirrel Control can offer you a variety of services including squirrel prevention, trapping, and removal using methods that are both humane and environmentally safe. By using cages and humane traps, existing squirrel infestations can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Preventative measures using materials such as heavy mesh, metal flashing, and squirrel-proof feeders can also be employed. Regardless of your squirrel problems, we can offer you professional, reliable service for all your squirrel control Liverpool needs.

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