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4 top home remedies for controlling slugs


Slugs can be a pain in the backside for anyone who loves their garden or allotment. All that hard work can be destroyed, so we have put together a couple of little tips, four things you can do to control slugs:-

The first one that springs to mind as I’m writing this is the beer trap


  1. Beer trap

Nice and simple this one, you need a small cup or plastic container half fill the container with some beer, then half bury the container into the soil near your plants or vegetables. This is not going to control every slug, but it will help keep the numbers down.

  1. Copper tape

Copper is an excellent natural Slug Repellent. The mucus that the slug produces reacts with copper, causing a small electric shock. You can buy the copper tape from any good DIY shop.

  1. Broken Egg Shells

Slugs hate crawling over anything Sharp so breaking up eggshells and placing them around your plants and vegetables is well worth a try. Remember to break the eggshells into small pieces around 2 to 4 mm inside as a guide but try different sizes.

  1. Nutshells

This works the same way as broken eggs shells slugs find it hard. They don’t like crawling over tiny sharp objects, so rather than throwing your nutshells away, break them up and put them around your flower beds. It’s worth a try.


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