Slugs, Slugs, Everywhere!


You recognize the signs, silvery trails along the path, holes in your prize plants and vegetables – the slugs have found their way into your garden and quite possibly your home!

Whilst they are more than a nuisance to gardeners, both expert and amateur, slugs do not pose any threat to humans and, therefore, rarely need professional pest control.

However, they can be distressing to many, so here are a few home remedies – and old wives tales!

There are many products available to buy – from pellets to ‘slug grabbers’ to ready-made ‘beer traps’ – but many home remedies can be just as effective:

Crushed Egg Shells, Lava Rock, Ashes or Hair Clippings – scatter around your favourite plants or vegetables, and these sharp edges should at least slow the slugs down.

Salt – you can either use this as a barrier (along your doorstep if you are trying to keep them out of the house), or you can sprinkle it directly onto any slugs you see. Please don’t use it near your plants, though, as they don’t like it either!

Beer Trap – bury a plastic cup in the soil with the rim slightly raised above the ground and add a little beer. The slugs will be enticed by the smell and fall in.

Irrigation – studies have shown that watering your garden in the morning rather than at night can reduce slug invasion by around 80%

Please remember that some slug treatments can harm your pets, so always choose a pet-friendly option. Also, slugs themselves can be dangerous for dogs as they carry worm larvae associated with lungworms.