House Mouse in Manchester

House Mouse in Manchester

The humble house mouse is a very small rodent which can squeeze its’ body under doors and through holes that are only seven millimeters in width. The house mouse has been domesticated and is the most genetically altered vertebrae used in laboratory’s. The approximate length of the adult mouse is 10 centimeters long with another 4 centimeters for the tail, and they have the ability to jump to heights of 45 centimeters. The extremely adaptable mouse causes much damage to crops and without house mouse control is the most relentless house pest, causing countless fires through chewing on electricity cables, damage to wooden units, and transmit diseases and parasites to humans and domesticated pets.


Mice possible breed faster than any other rodent on the planet. The house mouse can have a maximum of 10 litters every year with up to 14 live born in every litter, and the young can amazing begin breeding at five weeks of age. From one pair of mice running through a residential or commercial property, the average mouse family in one single year will explode to a massive 1800 running, jumping, food eating mice in or under a house. This is where house mouse control will help eradicate the invasion.

Mouse to man transmitted diseases

The house mouse has been found to induce certain allergies in children including asthma. People with allergies may develop hypersensitivity to ingredients found in mouse urine which can trigger an allergic reaction and an asthma attack. Mice in a home without mouse pest control will contaminate food preparation surfaces with urine and hair which sheds as they run. Kitchen tops may be covered in tiny drops of urine and hair if they are not cleaned in the morning spreading germs to food and causing possible disease and allergic reactions. Mice have fleas and mites that do bite humans which causes itchiness and red marks on the skin.

Residential Mouse

Mouse control is used to interrupt the breeding habits and help reduce the general population of any nest. Mice will chew up roof felt, insulation, and clothes to make a nest to begin breeding. Mouse pest control companies are the best method for ridding properties of their mouse problems. Without mouse control options, a single pair of mice can overrun a home within months and can cause infinite medical problems for life. Call in the professionals to eradicate a house mouse problem before it evolves into a medical catastrophe for the children of the elderly.

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