Harleyquins LadyBirds are in Manchester

Ladybirds are a well-loved insect associated with our UK summer, yet, over the last decade, our native ladybirds have come under growing threat from an invasive species of Harlequins Lady Birds deliberately introduced from Asia to help with aphid control. Since then, Harlequins Lady Birds have spread from the south and are found throughout Manchester in such numbers that pest control measures are needed.
Their rapid increase and choice of hibernation sites in the home and other buildings have made them a real problem, as there can be hundreds of them on one site. They often hide indoors in cracks and wall cavities.
Recognising these ladybirds can be difficult because of their variable colour, ranging from red, orange or black. They are more prominent and rounder than other Manchester ladybirds, with up to 20 spots. However, they are becoming dominant because they breed fast and compete with native species for food and habitat.
Many of these Harlequins LadyBirds will end up in our homes and need dealing with. The property owner should call in the professional Manchester pest control experts. They will ensure they are eradicated and measures are taken to stop their return.

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