Fleas Are Doing Well This Year

What’s happened to the summer?

We all the rain we have been having it seems to be having a impact on our wasp season, what’s strange though bee’s having been doing really well which is great news for our pollination needs.

On the downside fleas have been doing real well to so here’s a couple of points to help you stop a flea infestation before it starts.

  1. Make sure you book your cat or dog into the vets and get a professional flea treatment done it’s a little more expensive than what you can buy of the internet but worth every penny.
  2. DIY pest products some of them seem to promise the world but few of them delver, people tell us they can spend a lot of money trying to sort the problem out them self’s when it can work out cheaper to hire us.

So remember must times its cheaper and quicker to solve the problem by hiring us avoid cat and dog flea protection from the internet most are a waste of time

If you need any advice please feel free to give us a call 0161 776 9832

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