Everything you need to know about Pest Control!

Pests are sneaky home invaders, either an insect or animals that are destructive to property. Pest comes in multiple forms that we are going to discuss below.


  • Rats, Mice & Squirrels

Rats, mice & Squirrels are undoubtedly the most destructive pests of all time due to their ability to chew through fabric. In addition, controlling the trio can be challenging since they have a short pregnancy period and a brief sexual maturity period. Most rats and mice are known to infest homes, whereas squirrels invade farms, causing huge losses to farmers. In addition, rats and mice can carry diseases transmitted to humans, thus making them dangerous. Signs of infestation include teeth marks on cables, smear marks and droppings.

  • Wasps and Bees

Wasps and Bees

Both bees and wasps live in colonies inside a nest. Most bees and wasps can sting, with some of them able to sting more than once. Both two have a sound defence system for their nests and are easy to agitate. Wasps and bees are seasonal pests, with summer being their peak season. The two are known to form nests on neglected sealings, trees or rotten wood. When handled recklessly, they can sting to defend their hive. Both wasps and bees can lead to the hospitalisation of individuals, especially if you sustain multiple stings from either of them.

  • Ants

Just like bees and wasps, ants live in colonies inside an anthill where they serve their queen. In the UK, ants come from four prominent families: Dolichoderinae, Formicinae, Myrmicinae and Ponerine. Each family of ants has not only a distinct feature but also a different defence system. Some ant families can sting, while others have vast reservoirs of acidic compounds inbuilt for defence. Ants are often found in most backyards but pose a minor threat to humans. Nonetheless, ants are pests that can make life hell, primarily when they endlessly infest your home, scavenging for leftovers. We recommend Chester ant pest control service for their excellent service if you notice a trail of ants.

  • Spiders

Spiders are some of the feared pests throughout the universe. Most spiders are usually harmless, apart from a few that are venomous. Spiders live in dark corners, thus making them dangerous, especially when interrupted. Studies suggest that the UK is home to at least 650 species of spiders that bite. Spiders can grow up to the size of a mouse, thus making them scary, especially to children. Most spiders are seasonal and appear mostly in autumn. Signs of infestations are webs on sealings and dark corners.

  • Bedbugs


Bedbugs are insects that live in coaches or beds and feed on human blood. Bedbugs are well hidden and only come out in the dark, thus making them difficult to see. As a result, bedbugs are a pain in the neck when it comes to extermination. Dealing with bed bugs come in with much frustration since they reproduce easily and quickly. Furthermore, bedbugs can mutate in a short time and become resistant to pesticides. Signs of infestation are usually bedbug bites which are discomforting and tend to wear off shortly. Lastly, if you notice bedbugs in your home, you should call the bed bug exterminator cost Shaw as soon as possible.

  • Cockroaches

Last on this list is the infamous cockroach. Cockroaches are known to live in wall cavities in almost all homes across the UK. Cockroaches often come out in huge numbers, especially when it’s dark. Just like ants, cockroaches are scavengers of carelessly placed leftovers. Since they can rapidly lay eggs, cockroaches can quickly spread onto neighbouring furniture and rooms. Lastly, cockroaches can not only spread diseases but also precipitate asthma and eczema. Cockroaches are robust and can survive for days minus their heads.

  • Why You Can’t Do It Yourself.

All year round, there are usually numerous attempts by most homeowners to try and control pests. However, most of these attempts have often ended up as a flop leading to devastating effects. As a result, we advise against such efforts because of the following.

  1. Most individuals with this kind of approach risk losing their lives to pests like bees and wasps. Bees and wasp removal require the proper gear and experience before extermination.
  2. Aside from being expensive, most “off the counter pesticides” are usually faulty and outdated. As a result, there is no sure guarantee of complete eradication of the pests.
  3. Also, exposure to such chemicals is a significant risk to both adults and children at large. Most pesticides are made of a poisonous substance that could lead to hospitalisation, especially when mishandled.
  4. Last but not least, some pesticides are pollutants of the environment. That is, when mishandled, they could easily corrode the environment.
  • Why us?
  1. Unlike most pests control services, both bed bug exterminator cost Shaw and Chester ant pest control services have a swift response to emergencies. Furthermore, we have a support system that is always online. We are known to respond to calls as soon as possible.
  2. We have a team of highly skilled personnel ready to spring to action. Also, we have state-of-the-art technology that is not only environment-friendly but also efficient. As a result, we guarantee the complete eradication of pests.
  3. At our organisation, we aim at providing quality services to our clients. For this reason, we have reduced our margin of error to zero, thus ensuring the safety of our clients and the complete extermination of pests.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Can I Do When I Experience A Pest Attack?

During such a scenario, it would be best to call our offices and give detailed information about what’s going on. With this, then we can establish a suitable approach to your situation. Also, we recommend that both you and your family vacate the scene for safety purposes.

Lastly, we advise against attempting to conduct extermination since it will only put you in harm’s way.

   2. How Long Will I Need to Vacate My House?

  • During the extermination process, we recommend that you vacate the residence/office for some time to do your job. However, the process should only take a few hours of your time. Lastly, the vacation time not only depends on the type of pest that we are dealing with but also on the means of extermination.

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