Do You Know Your Cockroaches

Cockroaches (roaches) are insects which will adapt easily to suit any environment however they prefer to dominate an area within a building that is warm and have an easy access to a food source. Worldwide there are over four thousand different species of Cockroach’s however there are less than 30 species that are known as pests.

In Britain there are three species that are native to our country however it’s the German Cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach that are the pests, these ‘roaches’ were introduced to our country accidently.

Cockroaches like to live underground but if a cafe, restaurant, take-away, hospital or your home has bad hygiene practices they can be found under dishwashers, cookers and refrigerators. These pests mark their territory out by sending out a chemical trails in their faeces this helps with mating and marking out food source, once they mate the female will lay her eggs in food deposits.

Once you have an infestation of Cockroaches they can spread microbes that are potentially harmful to humans and have been linked to causing asthma attacks in some people. Getting rid of Cockroaches can be a dangerous operation if you were to try it yourself.

Seeing cockroaches in your premises is both up-setting and potentially damaging to your business, there are many ways to exterminate these pests but the best way by far is to contact a reputable Pest Control Company this will save you time, money and embarrassment .

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