DIY Manchester Pest Control: Plugging Up The Gaps!

In my last blog on here, I mentioned plugging up the gaps in your home as a solution to keeping pests on the outside of your home instead of letting them sneak their way into your lovely warm habitat. This Manchester pest control blog post is all about making sure that you know how to locate gaps and how to plug them up effectively to stop unwanted furry creatures crawling where they should not!

First things first, make sure your heating is on. You need to have your heating on in order to be able to identify exactly where draughts are coming from. If the house is cold then it restricts your ability to feel any cold air coming in but with the heating on it will be easy! Start on the ground floor and work your way around each and every room on it. Most pests that Manchester pest control experts deal with come in via the ground floor so that should be your priority. Literally work your way around each room inch by inch and mark each draught at the windows, doors, walls, skirting boards and so on with a post it note or something else as convenient. Do not forget to check around the pipes and in nooks and crannies because they are the favourite points of entry.

When you have finished identifying the areas that you have draughts coming in, get everything you need to be able to plug them up. For example, draught excluders around doors will prevent entry that way. Securing any cat flaps you may have if your cat does not use them will also help. Use expandable foam around pipes and plaster up any cracks and nooks.  When all of this is done, you will have a warmer and more efficient house as well as a reduced need for Manchester pest control.

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