Cockroaches in Manchester six things you didnt know

Here is a few things that you didnt know about cockroaches in Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire

1. This six-legged critter can live without food for an entire month
2. Hold its breath for forty minutes if necessary
3. Female cockraoches mate only once and stay pregnant for the rest of there life
4. Their existence dates back to more than 200 million years
5. There are nearly 4,000 known species of cockroach
6. Even if you cut off its head, it would still run around the house for about a week before dying of thirst because its brain
is not in its head. It’s scattered throughout its body.

Intresting as they might sound cockroach spread disease in Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire so protect your family now and give us a call 0161 776 9832

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