Beware Of The Bins!

I love Christmas but have to say that the aftermath is not pleasant. The credit card bills, the amount of stuff that has to be thrown away, January blues… and this year we have the worst weather in so many years that it has brought the entire country to a standstill. Unfortunately, that has meant that many families have been left with full bins for weeks on end. With no rubbish collections over Christmas and then none in the last couple of weeks or so because of the weather, the trash is mounting up. So is the need for Manchester pest control.

With bins full, rubbish spilling everywhere and nobody coming to clean up the mess, this situation is providing pests with a haven to exploit. Yes it may be cold, but that does not mean that pests disappear. Rats, pigeons and other such horrible pests thrive with dirt, grime and a ready supply of food.

So what can you do? Well, the first thing to do is to contact your council to complain about the collections. This will probably not help them to get to you to pick up your rubbish but it does alert them to the situation. Secondly, if leaving your rubbish in the street for collection, make sure that it is contained in your bin and there are no bags that could easily be opened on the floor. Finally, if possible, store your rubbish in a contained space like a shed to reduce the need for Manchester pest control. That little extra effort is worth it.

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