Wasp Nest Removal
Wasp Nest Removal

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Wavertree Wasp Nest Removal

Wavertree Wasp Nest RemovalWasps are dangerous pests you may find around your home or business premises. The popular ones are the Common and German wasps. You see many of these pests during the spring, as the weather is conducive to their breeding. Our Wavertree wasp nest removal service deals with all types of wasps that have attacked this area in the past.

What are the Features of Wasps?

Most wasps are about one to two centimetres in length and have a tapered body towards the abdomen. While the colour may vary, most have bright yellow and dark stripes across their stomach. A few breeds have long, slender waists and a slightly brownish colour. They live in colonies in their hundreds in a nest. These pests are highly aggressive and attack you with the slightest provocation or if you disturb the nest. The only species that are not harmful to humans is the Giant Wood wasp. It is notably more significant than other types and has a long tubular body. However, we recommend that you do not investigate whether the wasps you find at home are harmless as there is a chance you could disturb an aggressive species.

Hornets are a type of wasp that has aWavertree Wasp Nest Removal rounder and fuller body than the common wasp. They have similar colouration and features but are less aggressive than a wasp. However, they still deliver a power sting if you disturb them. Hornets and wasps can sting severally as they do not die after stinging as bees do.

Since wasps move in swarms, they may attack you in large numbers and cause multiple stings to different parts of the body. The stings cause excruciating pain and can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Therefore, keep away from a nest as much as possible and call a wasp exterminator right away. Fortunately, our teams are always at hand to take care of the situation at any time, day or night.

What are the Features of Wasp Nests?

Wasps build their nests from wood bits and other organic material. Therefore, their nests look papery and dull-white. They are shaped like a cone with a large base and tapered top. As wasps' numbers grow, the nest becomes more extensive and can grow up to two feet. The Wavertree area experiences increased wasp infestations during spring and summer. Their queen moves for hibernation when approaching autumn. However, these pests only get aggressive and do not leave the nest unless you implement professional Wavertree Wasp Nest Removal.

Where Do They Attach Their Nests?

The wasps attach their nests anywhere around your home. Here are common locations that our hornet and wasp control team will check for wasp nests.

  • In the attic
  • Inside cupboards and wardrobes
  • Under the slate roof
  • On a widow

Professional Wasp Control Services

Wavertree Wasp Nest RemovalFor the sake of your security, do not investigate a wasp nest. You should not get rid of a wasp nest with sticks or other items. It is likely to make the pests aggressive and injure you along with other family members. A wasp exterminator has the knowledge and tools to deal with the problem.

Our hornet and wasp control team uses reliable and proven methods to eliminate wasp nest cones across the house. We check every corner of your home to ensure that no single nest is left, as it could lead to another infestation.

We have built a reputation around offering quality services that are timely and professional. The company has been around long enough to know what methods work, those that do not. We have also met different challenges in the course of our duties. Therefore, we know how to tailor every pest control task to meet each of our customers' unique needs.

How Much Does a Wasp Nest Removal Cost?

We have a fixed rate for our wasp nestWavertree Wasp Nest Removal removal services. However, we offer reasonable quotes with a guarantee that we will deal with the problem for good. So call us today for a free wasp removal quote and advice.