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Westhoughton Woodworm Treatment and Risks

The hidden threat of woodworm

Many householders do not know that woodworm can present a clear, but often hidden, danger, to your house. As woodworm grows from an egg they can burrow and tunnel into the eaves and other areas of your attic to cause real damage without treatment for woodworm removal. They can also burrow inside chairs, tables and other furniture.

The damage the woodworm can cause

There is no reason to expect that woodworm will go away on their own, or that you can treat a woodworm infestation yourself to help the situation. As an infestation takes hold within your property, whether business or residential, you may find that the damage becomes systemic and destroys your previous woodwork. Westhoughton woodworm treatment spray and woodworm treatment furniture products are really the only things that you can use in treatment for woodworm removal.

Woodworm and your home

Woodborer, Oligomerus brunneus, extreme close-uptingYour precious home could be made a liability if woodworm is a real presence inside of your property. There is an urgent need for treatment to woodworm. You need to break the cycle of a woodworm infestation and can form tunnels and substantive burrowing works inside the wood of various types. It is really important that you call in an expert to work out which type of woodworm that you have in your house.

-Woodworm can cause costly damage to antique woods and other wood products. Often, such items are not easily replaceable and you will find that you will need to treat them with woodworm furniture products.
- A woodworm infestation may reduce the value of your property. It may cause damage to not only furniture but also timbers that are essential for reinforcement.
-As woodworm are hardy creatures, then you need to call in an expert who can use Westhoughton woodworm treatment spray, including woodworm treatment furniture products.

Young’s pest control

There are many pest control companies around, but many of these do not offer a full, and fairly priced, service. Some will be better at treating one type of pest as compared to another, others may offer a better service but charge a price that is well beyond the reach of most people. At Young’s, we offer a service that is not only fairly priced but also an expert in terms of treating the whole variety of pests that may cause extensive damage to your home or your business.

The Young’s pest control advantage

Woodworm larvaeWe like to talk about the ‘Young’s pest control advantage’ in terms of the way in which we treat pests. We like to point out the advantages of our service such as:-

-Experienced pest control operatives who are skilled in all of the latest techniques of pest control, including new types of pest and extensive infestations.
-The use of the latest technology in best control, not only in terms of detection but also in terms of mitigation and after treatment service to make sure that the pests, whether woodworm or other pests are very unlikely to return.
-Treatment can be performed in the morning, afternoon or evening. We offer a system of appointments which suits you and your family.
-Full removal and disposal service of the pests from your home and property. We can also treat pests in the garden, or in outbuildings.