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Expert Dukinfield Flea Treatment

Cat and dog fleasAs much as we all love our household pets, the one thing that can take them down in our estimations is flea infestation. As much as we try to execute flea control methods ourselves (DIY), unfortunately, we cannot always win. The thought of them taking over our home is not only unpleasant for us, but also for the animal they have made their home. Not only do Dukinfield flea treatments need to be obtained for your pet, but you also need to ensure the removal of fleas, and eggs from your home.

How can I tell I have a flea infestation?
Flea treatment for household pets has become in recent years just a case of squirting certain treatments onto the back of our furry friend's necks. However, hotter summers, milder winters and the fleas themselves becoming immune to such treatments, means that we often need to call in professionals.

One of the main signs of fleas is finding them on the pet itself. While this may be easier on white pets, there are still a few tell-tale signs if you do not actually catch one. Pets will tend to 'skin twitch' as well as itch because the bites are so irritating. Fleas are also not above biting humans, so looking out on bites yourself is a telltale sign. The most common fleas in the Manchester area are a cat, dog and human, with cat fleas amounting to 75% of all cases in the UK. Although you may have treated your pet, they can live in carpets and bedding happily for long enough to breed a new generation.

Do I need professional Dukinfield flea treatment or flea fumigation?
Flea control at home obviously starts with Dukinfield flea treatment for the pet itself. Flea fumigation for the home, however, is a much trickier process. Although fleas do have the potential to carry parasitic worms and diseases, it is not highly common in the UK. Thinking of a large amount of them running alive in our home is not a nice thought though, and this is why some people turn to home flea removal.

Of all of the products on the market, no home removal is going to be as effective as thorough fumigation by a professional company. If you are using 'DIY' methods all it takes is for one pregnant female to be missed and your infestation will start all over again (including on your pet which will mean another costly trip to the vets). Not only are DIY methods expensive and largely ineffective, but they can also leave you without access to your house for long periods of time and need to carry out 2 or 3 treatments.

Calling Young's pest control will ensure the job is carried out professionally with proper insecticide, and you should be rid of the flea infestation fully within 8 to 10 days. young's offer 24hr call out. Do not leave the problem too long, as fleas can multiply at an incredible rate and be overrunning your home in a matter of days.