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A Professional Romiley Flea Treatment to Get Rid of an Irritating Pest

FleaFleas are an annoyance that everyone wants to avoid although these common household pests can find a way into the cleanest home. Once inside, they can breed and multiply at a rapid rate to become a flea infestation, and it can prove difficult to clear a home completely when this happens. Professional Romiley flea treatment services offer the best chance of successfully eradicating them and Young’s Pest Control offers an expert flea removal service that can help.

Invading a Home

A flea infestation will most likely begin by a few of the pests hitching a ride to gain entry to a building. One of the commonest ways they do this is by attaching themselves to a pet, but they can also be brought in on a householder’s clothes or bag. They can also be brought in by other pests such as rats, mice, and birds. Most homes have conditions that are suitable for fleas to multiply and an initially small population can quickly grow to something more serious that needs professional Romiley flea treatment to deal with it.

Identifying Signs

It may not be so obvious that fleas are around at first although it should start to become apparent as an infestation takes hold. Some of the following signs are those to look out for.

  • Cat and dog fleasPets: Cats, dogs, and other pets can be seriously affected by fleas and if they start to constantly scratch and bite at their fur it can be evidence that they are suffering the effects of bites. Grooming using a flea comb will usually show signs of the pest.
  • Bites: Flea bites are an annoying irritation that most people will want to scratch almost immediately they occur. Anyone that starts to suffer from bites on a daily basis can be pretty sure they have a flea problem. The mark left usually has a small dark centre, with a surrounding red area.
  • Flea Dirt: The dark droppings of fleas are small although can start to accumulate and become obvious in locations such as pet bedding.

Flea Control

A flea infestation will be made up of the different stages in the insect’s lifecycle. This includes eggs, larvae, pupa, and adults. It is the adults that cause problems in terms of bites although for flea fumigation to be successful, it must target eggs, larvae, and pupa also. Without doing this, the chances are that the problem will flare up again. Professional organisations such as Young’s Pest Control understand this. We are capable of inspecting a property to evaluate the extent of the problem and can put in place extensive Romiley flea treatment that will eradicate the pest.

Getting in Touch

Young’s Pest Control makes it easy for homeowners to get in touch and this can be done by telephone or online. We can provide details of our full flea fumigation services and callers can also set up a visit to have one of our specialists come to their home. Professional Romiley flea treatment can rid this annoying pest from a home and our guaranteed service is one that can be relied on.