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Professional Oldham Honey Bee Nest Removal

Honey bee on pink flowerHoney bees are a cherished and integral part of the British countryside. They are crucial to agriculture and domestic gardens. Most of the time, we can happily co-exist, but at times, they can become a pest and must be removed.

It is a common misconception that the honey bee is a protected species in the UK. There is no fact behind this; honey bees have no legal protection. They can be hazardous to our health, and at times it is essential that professional honey bee hive control is employed. Young's pest control has the equipment and know-how to carry out Oldham honey bee nest removal both safely and effectively.

If you see an unusual number of bees congregating in an area, perhaps going in and out of a vent, give Young's a call and we will come and investigate.

Healthy swarms are sought after in the UK. There has been a drop in populations recently due to parasites killing bees. If a nest or swarm is conveniently located and within reach, we may well be able to relocate them without harm. This is obviously dependent on the circumstances. If a nest has been constructed within a cavity or any other tight crevice; Oldham honey bee nest removal may be impossible without resorting to extermination.

Sometimes, a colony may relocate naturally. If you see a swarm of bees gathering in or around your property, you should call Young's to come and assess the situation before a nest is established. Honey bee swarm removal is risky though, and should only be done by trained individuals.

Honey Bee HiveThe temperament of bees can vary from swarm to swarm, and there are many different strains. This can make them unpredictable. Even at the best of times, disturbing a nest is dangerous. Oldham honey bee nest removal will provoke the bees into defending themselves. Knowing how to correctly handle them is key. Even in an outside space, bees can cause a problem. They will naturally defend an area around the hive. Children and pets can unwittingly cause defensive action from the bees. Oldham honey bee hive removal on a domestic level will restore peace of mind.

We will always try to perform honey bee swarm removal in the most humane way possible. If we are able, we will re-home the bees somewhere where they can be productive and not cause a problem. We are fully equipped and trained in honey bee control, and well informed in the ways of bee-keeping.