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Ultimate Miles Platting Pest Control Services

Pests remain a notorious and inevitable challenge we face in our daily lives. No matter the degree of safety Miles Platting mice and rat controlmeasures one undertakes, pests eventually find themselves in our kitchen cabinets, closets, office drawers, and cause damage. In addition to the harm, pests can cause, they are also a health hazard. These pests may transmit some infection to human beings. We offer effective professional Miles Platting pest control services for both residential and commercial property at Young’s Pest Control.

Risks of having pests

Pests can cause severe damage to both property and people. These are some of the threats of having pests in your home or workplace:

Destruction of property

From chewing through food packages in the kitchen to important documents in the office, pests can cause great damage to property. Bugs live in wood and wall crevices where they lay and multiply Miles Platting Ant Controlthreateningly. Take an example of a rat infestation in a homestead: The rodents can find their way into your closet and chew your Sunday best. They can also chew on electric cables leaving them exposed, a fire hazard. Then, find their way to the kitchen to help themselves to some of your food. But, we have the absolute solution for mice & rat control.

Diseases and allergies

Common household pests such as cockroaches, fleas, and mosquitos are known to be carriers of diseases, Miles Platting cockroach treatmentsome of which are transmittable to human beings. These infections also pose a threat to pets and other animals around. Some mosquito species found in the UK can transmit such diseases as the West Nile Virus, chikungunya, and dengue. Rodents such as rats and bats also harbour infectious maladies like hantavirus and rabies.

People have allergic reactions to various things like pest droppings, shed skin and fur. The pests may enter your house and contaminate it by dragging in allergens that are harmful to your health. Stings by wasps or bees can also elicit severe allergic reactions. Luckily, we offer hands-on Wasp nest removal treatment services.

Types of Pests we Treat

There exists a wide variety of pests across the UK. We have classified the pests whose treatments we provide into two broad categories: 


Insects are a commonplace creation, they include; 

  • Wasps
  • Bumblebees
  • Bedbugs
  • Ants
  • Honey bees
  • Fleas

A selection of these insects can pose an immediate Miles Platting Wasp nest removaldanger to you by biting or stinging. While some do not pose any danger, they can feed and multiply at high rates, eventually causing extensive damage and even disease if left untreated. Most solutions available in the marketplace only offer insignificant solutions to insect problems. We are your unsurpassed solution for the following long-term treatments for insects: 

  1. Bedbug control
  2. Ant Infestation Removal
  3. Bumblebee nest removal
  4. Honey Bee Nest Removal 
  5. Flea infestation control
  6. Wasp Nest Removal Treatment


Rodents reside in almost all the places inhabited by humans, and they possess diverse habitat adaptations. They include; 

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels

Most rodents have a very high breeding rate, and Miles Platting mice & rat controlthey are prominent carriers of a wide range of bacteria and diseases. Their small sizes and flexibility make it possible for them to squeeze through small openings. Moreover, their intelligent and suspicious nature makes it impossible to trap or kill them physically. Therefore, there is a need for professional intervention in cases of a nagging rodent problem. At Young’s Pest Control, we have the perfect paraphernalia and personnel to make your rodent trouble go away. Our mice & rat control and squirrel removal treatments are tested and guarantee optimal results.

Trying to remove pests yourself can be a futile and dangerous task because some pests are poisonous Miles Platting wasp nest removaland their bites can result in death if not tended to promptly. Therefore, when faced with a pest problem, the wise choice is to seek professional intervention. That is precisely what Young’s Pest Control offers, we are just a phone call away and ready to help you