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Professional Little Lever Cockroach Control Services

Cockroaches are one of nature's oldest pests. With their distinctive shape, movement and habits, spotting a cockroach and having to arrange for Little Lever cockroach control can be a stressful experience; however, it need not be, as Young's Pest Control can take the headache out of the problem for you.

How Do I Spot a Cockroach?

German CockroachThe first sign of a cockroach infestation that you may notice is the actual pests themselves. They are a distinct oval flat shape, with a smooth oily skin surface and six legs. They move quickly across any given surface and can move up walls and ceilings. A daytime sighting means that the nest is most likely very large; these creatures are predominantly nocturnal so it is rare for them to appear in the day.

Other signs you may be needing Little Lever cockroach control include seeing shell casings; these are brown, oval-shaped cases that have been left behind by newly hatched cockroaches. Brown and black specks that look like ground pepper may also be spotted; this is a mixture of cockroach faeces and regurgitated food. In some cases, they emit an oily, musty smell.

Why Are They In My House?

The cockroaches are in your house simply due to it being an ideal habitat; not due to improper Little Lever cockroach control or dirty home. They are attracted to kitchens due to the food and hydration sources, and the warm environment that provides ideal nesting and breeding conditions. Moisture is a perfect attraction for cockroaches; so the most effective cockroach treatment in the first place is to avoid leaving out dirty dishes, throw away food scraps, seal all food containers and regularly clean kitchen areas.

What Are The Risks Of An Infestation?

Due to their habits and movements, cockroaches carry a wealth of bacteria, pathogens and worms, both on their skin and in their faeces and food regurgitations. It's important to note that one dead cockroach can, therefore, present a risk.

They will also burrow into houses and offices causing the possibility of structural damage; Little Lever cockroach control will encompass looking for such damage.

At Young's Pest Control, our service will get rid of the need to try ineffective, unpleasant and potentially dangerous home treatments; our cockroach treatment will be prompt, skilled and effective and will not only deal with the immediate problem but eliminate any larvae that may hatch and simply start the problem all over again.