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Young's Pest Control for Hale Mice Control

Mice. They might look cute in cartoons but if you have a mice infestation in your home it's far from funny.

Mice infestation needs dealing with quickly and the most effective way is to call in professional Hale mice control experts. That's why Young's Pest Control is here to help.

House mouse, Mus domesticusThe most common mouse found in homes is the House Mouse (Mus Musculus). These mice breed very quickly. The average House Mouse can produce 4 to 15 young per litter and can have from 6 to 9 litters per year. The Field Mouse (Apodemus Sylvaticus) can also be a common pest. Whatever the breed. It is important to remember that all mice have very soft skeletons and can squeeze through the smallest of holes. Just a 6mm gap is enough for a mouse to gain access to your home. It is also worth noting that mice can climb. No areas are beyond the reach of the average mouse which is what makes mouse control so important. Once inside a property they can easily travel to all areas of the house through, for example, the cavity wall.

What damage do mice cause in the home?

- Mice can spread disease such as Lyme Disease, Salmonella and Weil's disease
- They can chew through electrical wires in your home and cause a fire hazard.
- They can create structural damage due to chewing through timber (mouse teeth never stop growing)
- Increased risk of food poisoning from food contamination.

It's easy to see why fast and effective mouse removal is vital. No-one wants to put the health and safety of their family at risk but how do you know you have mice?

Common signs of a mouse infestation

Mouse Nest- Droppings. Small black/brown pellets. Check the inside of cupboards etc.
- Damage to food packaging. Signs of gnawing on packets and boxes.
- Sightings of mice (dead or alive) One mouse is uncommon. The sighting of one mouse usually means others are in the vicinity.
- Holes. Mice will gnaw on substances such as wood or plastic and can cause considerable damage.
- Nesting material. Look out for signs of shredded newspaper or fabric.
- Noise. Listen out for scratching and rustling sounds from mice on the move.
- Smell. Be aware of an ammonia type odour. Particularly in enclosed areas such as cupboards.
- Dirty marks. Mice can leave dark grey smears from oil in their coats

Once you are aware of mice in the home, you need to get the situation under control. Hale mice control is not a 'Do It Yourself' problem. For a speedy solution, call Young's Pest Control if you notice any sign of mice infestation. They will carry out a full professional survey of your property, identify the access areas and discuss the best form of treatment to eradicate the problem and offer advice on future mouse control

Mice infestation can happen to anyone but Young's Pest Control are specialists in Hale mice control and mouse removal. Early intervention is a wise move and can prevent the problem from escalating into a huge problem. Give Young's Pest Control a call at the first sign of a mouse in the house!